Posted September 23, 2012 by MR OMA in News

FEDZ Movie Mixtape Sampler (Hosted By DJ Ames)


Here is the FEDZ movie soundtrack sampler, hosted by DJ Ames. The mixtape features a host of UK Rap talent such as K Koke, Logic, Akala, DVS, Giggs and many more….Pure UK heat!

FEDZ is a British crime thriller movie starring Ashley Walters (So Solid Crew), Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barells) and Joseph Marcell (Jeffrey the butler from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air). The movie is set in London, just a few years from now, the government have enforced a curfew – no civilians on the streets after dark. A terrorist group have threatened to release a killer virus. Time is running out for the FEDZ. The movie is set to hit cinemas in the Autumn.

Check out the trailer for the movie….