Posted August 25, 2017 by OFFICIAL OMA in Awards

KPR 224 Darren Sains & Dashi – Come On Let´s Go

“Come on Let’s Go” is a song that celebrates that feeling of letting the music take control of your core via the means of Vinyl, celebrating the timeless value of the 45, the 12 inch, and EP. Long Island Producer Darren Sains makes his debut here on Karmic with a strong singer he collaborated with named Dashi. A strong hook and great vocal is the recipe on this. To the bonus NYC House Legend Lenny Fontana adds a heavy hand in the remix to give it that twist. There is a little something for everyone.

01. Lenny Fontana Vocal Remix (09:15)
02. Darren Sains Club Mix (06:22)
03. Lenny Fontana Extended Dub Remix (07:56)
04. Lenny Fontana Radio Edit (03:40)
05. Darren Sains Club Radio Edit (03:47)