The No.1 Mixtape Movement Outside of the USA. The first initiative to actively recognize, promote, and celebrate Mixtapes, EP's and its contributors


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The Official Mixtape Awards is the first initiative to actively recognize, promote, and celebrate Mixtapes and its contributors. We endeavour to give exposure to the Mixtape scene outside of the USA amongst the public. Our awards show’s is the primary outlet for this ambition. The first awards show was in early 2010 in the UK and clearly set itself apart from others because we displayed artists that continuously freely express a hunger, rawness, realness and uncompromising lyrics.

Since our first awards show we have recruited new team members to strengthen our media, marketing and project management departments and also to increase our Mixtape community ties. We are now, stronger than ever! In addition to hosting the annual awards ceremony our team is committed to developing other projects that give exposure to the mixtape scene and its contributor’s in support of real talent.

As a company which represents the mixtape culture, we are very fortunate to work with an art form that has such a positive effect on so many people and contributes so much to communities all around the world.At the Official Mixtape Awards, we want to have a positive impact through the way we manage our business and the wider role we play in society. Within our own operations, we work hard to understand the expectations of various communities and orginisations (judicial or executive) throughout the world.

The Mixtape

A mixtape is a promotional CD released into the music market on an independent level with a low budget. A mixtape is what mainstream and underground artists use to promote themselves as artists as well as giving them more freedom in their music. Mixtapes are now hot property and have launched many careers due to growing sales. It has enabled the artists to effectively promote themselves, build and strengthen their grassroots fan base and has provided the freedom to express their truths. You can now find mixtapes being sold on iTunes digitally and in stores such as HMV. Successful artists that have previously released or featured on Mixtapes are acts such as Tinie Tempah, wretch 32, Fler and Booba. They have consecutively reached the Number 1 position in the European Official Charts and has consequently commercialised the Urban Music scene whilst demonstrating the value of the Mixtape.